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The staff at Vets To Go think that the best place to do treatment for a furry family member is the very place each pet knows best: the home. This is the most comfortable and convenient place for a family and each pet loves their own environment. Vets To Go is a Calgary mobile vet clinic designed to help every pet in the place they know best. The business offers a variety of services that can be performed at the pet’s home instead of in a veterinary clinic.

Lower Your Pet’s Stress

The main driving force behind Vets To Go is the idea of lowering the stress of each animal by providing care in their home environment without the need to travel. Visiting a hospital can be stressful for humans and for some pets. Both dogs and cats can become stressed out and nervous when entering a new and unknown environment. Vets To Go wants to make the veterinary process for your pets as easy and low impact as possible. The at-home veterinary service is a great way to keep the stress lower and pets happy as the veterinarian provides the services onsite. The staff at Vets to Go understand the relationship between owners and their pets in an intimate way. No matter how big or small the family is, from a single person to a houseful, each pet is considered a part of that family.

Physical Exams

Every pet needs to have regular veterinary checkups, so Vets To Go has made it convenient to bring this checkup to you, helping both you and your pet stay comfortable in the best environment. These checkups will tell if the pet is healthy of he needs something extra. It could be that the dog needs to go outside a little bit more, to run and play and lose a little weight. The cat could just use a new food to be that much healthier. A regular check up can help an owner feel at ease, knowing that their pet is in good shape for the long years ahead.

Medicine, Shots, and Vaccinations

Another service provided by Vets to Go is administering the basic needs of helping a pet heal. These included giving the pet medicine, giving the pet shots, or administering vaccinations. Every pet needs to have regular shots administers, from the fresh-faced puppy to the adult cat. These shots help keep the pet safe from all those issues that are unknown, including the diseases that can be hiding around every corner. Vets to Go will also show each owner to administer medicine to help with whatever is ailing the pet. This in-home training will help you know how to treat your pet with the best care available.

Preventing the Unknown

Are there lumps and bumps on your pet that worry you? Are there spots on the pet that are new? Vets To Go will help you find out what these unknown areas can cause. Most new lumps and bumps are just part of a pet getting older, but some can be a cause for concern. Vets To Go will let you know what these are and help you decide on the best path to take for your pet.

Preventative Pet Care is also offered by Vets To Go. All Calgary Vets want each owner to know how to help prevent anything that can lead to pain for the animal. This preventative care is much like taking the time to maintain a vehicle. With the right love and attention, a pet will be a part of your life for years to come.

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Unfortunately, all pets have to pass from this world at some point. Vets to Go offers a compassionate pet euthanasia service called “Paws To Rest.” This is an at-home service that allows your pet to pass on in the place he knows best, surrounded by his family. When a furry family member leaves this world, it isn’t easy for anyone. This home veterinary service helps all involved, from the owner to the pet, deal with this painful portion of life in a better manner.

Surgery & Dental Care

Not all issues can be solved with at-home veterinary care. When a problem comes up and your pet needs Veterinary care that can’t be done at home, Vets to Go has a fully operational clinic in Central Calgary available for surgery and dental care.

A Great Company

Vets To Go offers a full veterinary service within home care. This helps lower the stress in both the owner and the pet. Home care is making a comeback in many areas of medicine, and veterinary care is no exception. With a team that loves animals just as much as the pet owner, Vets To Go is a great service for those looking to help their pets.


Times are busy. Even if a person doesn’t have family, work and friends can keep a schedule busy. If a full family is added on top of that, a schedule becomes completely packed. There might not be time in the day to take a pet in for a routine check-up or examination. Vets to Go wants to help work around your schedule. We are a mobile vet service that uses your home as our office. The examination room is your kitchen and the check-up can be in your living room.

At your Convenience

Since your schedule is full, we want you to arrange a time for use to visit. Your pet deserves the best health care but often you can’t drive in to a clinic to find it. Although the area has many good clinics, we can come out to your house with the same great services that they offer. Is your dog in need of his annual check-up? We’d be glad to do that on the spot. Did your cat come in with a small cut that needs to be stitched up? Our vets will get that fixed up at your house. We are a full service clinic that is made to work when you need us at your location.

Off-Site services

Although most of our services are available in your home, your pet may need a bit more equipment than we have in our mobile clinics. We have formed good relationships with great clinics around the area. If your pet has an issue that can’t be treated at home, our vets will work with these clinics to treat your pet. Our vets will handle any surgery or treatment, no matter the location of the clinic. This off-site service is also included in the regular price of the service.

We go off-site for a variety of in-depth services. This includes most dental work, such as removing teeth and mouth surgery, teeth x-rays, extractions and in-depth cleaning. We also go off-site for spay and neutering, large wound cleaning and stitching, as well as other services. We also do off-site consultations with specialists.

Vets to Go – A mobile service

Although we do off-site work, our main focus is coming out to your house to treat your friend. We understand that you want to keep your dog or cat healthy for years to come. Our well-trained and compassionate vets will work around your schedule to help your furry companion.

Our goal is to help you help your pet. Our services are aimed at helping keep your pet healthy and active for years to come. Our at home service will keep you and your pet in a comfortable environment. This will help cut down on nervousness, anxious feelings and being aggressive. Your pet will be surrounded by the people he or she loves in the place he feels most comfortable. This is what Vets to Go offers: a change to examine and treat your pet in a place they feel at home.


It isn’t a bad thing to want to take care of your pet. Dogs, cats, and other animals are our companions in life. These beautiful creatures provide us with uncompromising love, joy and oftentimes even hope. Vets to Go wants to help you take care of your pets so your journey will last a lifetime. It is our desire to help keep your pet in the best health while providing a service tailored to your convenience.

Mobility is the key

Our vet in Calgary will come to your location, working around your schedule. It isn’t always easy to get away from work and family to take a pet in for a check-up. Our service will come out to where ever you are, from the comfort of your own home. Despite our mobile nature, we provide the same high quality services that other Calgary veterinary clinics offer.

There are many reasons to call a vet. A pet can be hurt and need medical attention, there could be an unknown lump or bump on the dog or cat or the pet just needs an annual check-up. We do all these services and more all from the comfort of your home.

Lumps and Bumps

If you don’t know what is wrong with your pet, our skilled technicians will take a look at those unknown lumps, bumps and skin conditions. We will run a battery of tests to find out if there is something that needs to be addressed or if you don’t have to worry. Having an unknown lump or bump can make an owner worry, so we do our best to find out the cause of these unknown issues.

Shots and Vaccinations

Going to an unknown building can make a pet nervous and unsettled. This can cause the owner to be worried as well, especially when bringing your pet in for shots and vaccinations. Since Vets o Go is a mobile clinic, we can come to the home to offer these services. This will help your pet be comfortable where he or she is at and surrounded by the loving family. Vets to Go can also teach you how to give medicine and shots to your pet when we aren’t around. This will help you to help your pet and give a bit more understanding to what your pet goes through with each veterinary visit.

Pet Check-up

Every dog or cat should have an annual check-up. We offer a nose to tail examination of your pet, to look for signs of ill-health and other needs. Our staff is trained to understand what to look for with your pet, including signs that may not be easily noticeable. This helps us provide a full examination to see the true health of your pet. If there is something that needs to be address, we will look at the dietary and environment to help curb any issues. Also included in this examination is one vaccination, if needed, and a nail trim.